The Malvern Fire Company is seeking qualified individuals interested in the following position: Director of EMS Operations
By Deputy Chief Matt Miles
May 24, 2022

The Malvern Fire Company is seeking qualified individuals interested in the following position: Director of EMS Operations

Job Title: Director of EMS Operations
Job Status: FTE
FSLA Status: Salary, Exempt
Reports To: Board of Directors

Position Summary

Supervises and directs fire company’s emergency medical service program in a combination volunteer/career organization in a variety of areas including EMS operations, mentoring, training, quality assurance, career staff and volunteer recruiting/retention, personnel supervision and regulatory licensure. This position services as the officer-in-charge of a group of subordinates in the field and office/station settings. The incumbent will also engage in providing EMS services and fire suppression activities in the field. This position reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Representative Work Functions and Responsibilities

• Directs the activities of subordinates including monitoring work assignments, communicating performance expectations, scheduling personnel, maintaining discipline and performing supervisory activities required to ensure that delivery of services are in compliance with MFC policies and expected standards.
• Supervises individuals performing EMS activities. Functions as Officer-in-Charge of EMS Operations in the field when necessary under the direction of the EMS or fire chief.
• Functions as a company officer during fire/rescue operations under the direction of superior officers. Functions as Officer-in-Charge of fire/rescue operations in the absence of a superior officer.
• Serves as liaison with Medical Director.
• Responsible for agency and vehicle licensing.
• Provides and/or coordinates ALS/BLS training, QA and continuing education.
• Supervises the maintenance of durable equipment and the ordering of supplies.
• Responsible for ensuring accountability for narcotics/controlled substances and ordering of supplies in accordance with policies and procedures.
• Exercises leadership and motivates subordinates.
• Operates emergency vehicles and performs patient care at the paramedic level.
• Responsible for employee scheduling and payroll.
• Responsible for EMS billing.
• Coordinates community outreach.
Performance Standards
• Competently directs the provision of EMS
• Demonstrates thorough knowledge of EMS protocols and procedures; effectively performs care at the paramedic level. Capable of working in high stress/emergency situations.
• Plans and directs the efficient use of personnel, vehicles, and equipment.
• Interacts positively with career and volunteer personnel.
• Demonstrates understanding of performance standards and evaluates employees’ performance.
• Communicates performance expectations and maintains discipline and control among assigned personnel. Enforces disciplinary procedures.
• Effectively communicates orally and in writing.

Minimum Qualifications

• Minimum of 10 years EMS experience, preferably involving a combination department.
• Minimum of 5 years of EMS leadership experience (I.e., EMS Captain, EMS Lieutenant, ALS Coordinator, Shift Supervisor, or similar) including experience with EMS licensure process.
• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
• Current Pennsylvania Department of Health and National Registry Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic; eligible for Medical Command status in Pennsylvania.
• Demonstrated knowledge and experience with senior-level administration, federal and state EMS compliance, budget management, medical billing, grant funding, government relations, fundraising, training, staff development, human resources, recruitment, facilities, and fleet.

Preferred Qualifications

• Advanced degree from an accredited institution.
• Fire/Rescue/Driver/Officer Certifications
• Experience with project management.
• Experience with EMS Charts software system.

Interested individuals should submit a current resume via email to:

Malvern Fire Company
Attn: D. Matt Miles
424 East King Street
Malvern, PA 19355