By Watchdesk
January 21, 2020

Malvern First Responders attend Training Session

On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Malvern Fire Company hosted an Ice Safety: Basic Rescue & Survival Training class (Ice Rescue Awareness). This training was instructed by WhiteCap WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC Instructor Todd A. Stahl and was our 2nd stop on the 2020 WhiteCap Training Tour.

This 2.5-hour training session is designed to train emergency services personnel who respond to Ice related incidents and recreational enthusiast. First Responders who arrive on the scene of an Ice incident must recognize the risks and dangers associated with Ice Emergencies and take appropriate actions to insure their safety. This course will address Ice Characteristics, Ice Formation, Ice Strengths, Ice Types, Cold Weather Clothing/Layering, PFDs, Medical Considerations, Drowning and Ice Safety Equipment.

Attending this training session were rescue personnel from Honey Brook Fire Company #1 (Chester County Station 33) and the host company Malvern Fire Company (Chester County Station 4). Congratulations to all students for successfully completing Ice Safety; Basic Survival & Rescue! This training was coordinated by Malvern Fire Company Assistant Fire Chief Kyle Vaughn.

A combination Fire & Rescue company located in Chester County, Station 4 house provides services to Malvern Borough and surrounding municipalities.

Thank you Malvern Fire Company for choosing WhiteCap Water Rescue Training for your training needs. It has been our pleasure to train and educate your members. We look forward to working with you in the future.

For more information on Water Rescue Training, Technical Rescue Equipment Sales and Consulting, contact WhiteCap.

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